How to spot a Phishing Email and what can you do?

With over 48% of the world's population using the Internet. Cyber crime has been on the rise. But there are ways to defend yourself. A popular method of cyber crime is sending Phishing Emails.

A phishing email is an email that looks legitimate but is really a scam that is trying to get you to enter personal or financial information. 

Unfortunately, At least 30% of all phishing emails are opened. 

But it isn't just us that fall for phishing scams, 85% of organizations have suffered phishing attacks in the last 20 years.

So how can you tell whether an email is legitimate? 

  • Always check who the email is from. 
  • If it claims to be "automated" check if it addresses you. The company know your name, so they should use it! 
  • Check for bad spelling or grammar. (Most professional companies, don't spell words wrong) 
  • Quite a lot of Phishing emails have a sense of urgency. (e.g Account being suspended) Just take a minute and check the email is legitimate before making any decision.
  • Another thing to look out for is a link. Almost all scam emails will try and get you to click a link, button, image or object. 

But the most key thing to make sure to use is your common sense; if you think something is wrong you can always call up the company who the email "supposedly" came from  and  double check before taking any actions.