• Passwords should:

  • Be unique, never use the same password for multiple sites.
  • Be kept private to only you, never share your password.
  • Be atleast 8 characters long.
  • Use letters, numbers & symbols (!,?,@)
  • Avoid common words & patterns ("1234", "password")
  • Avoid words with meaning to you.
    • pet names
    • partner's name
    • family names
    • nicknames
    • initials
    • birthdays
    • house names/numbers
    • street names
Skytr verified_user 8 days ago
With the release of Chrome 69 comes many features such as a new UI as well as many security improvements.

One such improvement Google has made to Chrome is the marking of all HTTP sites as 'not secure'.

Google described this update as 'A milestone for Chrome security'.
They also hope that this update will lead to improvements in web security.

However a controversial decision Google made about the removal of showing www. and m. sub-domains in the address bar led to users questioning whether this made phishing attempts easier. Google has since revesed the decision.
Skytr verified_user 22 days ago